Company Overview

At Brandquad, we believe there is a better way to manage the digital shelf. A way that is more efficient, more effective and simply easier. We are obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help brands conquer their online channels. Winning online sales demands control, data and insights. We’re excited to simplify the digital shelf for brands through our digital tools.

Our origin story
Our origin story

Philipp was working as a digital solutions consulting when he was placed on the account of a Fortune 500 company. While working with the client, he was shocked to see the amount of wasted resources spent on managing their digital commerce activities. Teaming up with technology expert Konstantin, Philipp began designing a platform that would be immediately impact the business and be used at scale in 2015. Ecstatic with the results, the client quickly recommended the software solution to others and the Brandquad has been growing at a rapid pace ever since then.

Our early growth
Our early growth

In 2017, we received our seed funding. After becoming the market leader in Product Information Management and Ecommerce Intelligence in the CIS region, our sights were set to expanding geographically. We were accepted into the highly selective retail technology accelerators, Chalhoub Group Greenhouse and Plug & Play Lafayette. Respectively located in Dubai and Paris, our participation in the two programs led to the establishment of permanent offices in the MENA and EMEA regions. We relocated our corporate headquarters to Lille, France in 2020. With our senior leadership team and our R&D innovation team firmly established in Europe, we are able to serve our international portfolio better than ever before.

Brandquad History
Our company was founded by Philipp and Konstantin
Participated in the IIDF acceleration program (The Internet Initiatives Development Fund)
Completed our seed investment round of fundraising
Accelerated at Chalhoub Greenhouse (UAE)
Opened an office in Dubai
Joined the Lafayette Plug and Play Acceleration Program (Paris)
Won Best Startup Award in Lafayette Plug and Play
Opened offices in Lille and Paris
Part of the Scale acceleration program at Euratechnologies (Lille)
Member of the Facebook Accelerator: Commerce Program
Recieved mention in several Gartner publications:
Gartner Digital Commerce Vendor Guide
Hype Cycle for Consumer Goods
Hype Cycle for Digital Commerce
Recognized as a category leader on Crozdesk
Recognized as a category leader on G2
Our Leadership
Brandquad's leadership team is fully dedicated to the vision of the company and actively live the company values. They are focused on building Brandquad into a global company by nurturing its employees and ensuring its customers succeed. This diverse team of professionals brings years of experience, technical experitise and an entrepreneurial spirit.
Careers at #BrandquadSquad

Here at Brandquad, we are dedicated to fosering a work environment that is inclusive, collaborative and supportive. We are conviced that our people are the key to our success and we are always looking for candidates who are interested in joining our talented and diverse team.