Digital Asset Management

Digital assets primed for the digital shelf.

Single repository

All your rich media files in one place.

  • Eliminate the use of multiple shared folders, emails, etc.
  • Easily collaborate from one DAM and with the Brandquad PIM, from one platform.

Multiple filetypes

Every file you need, ready for your enriched product cards.

Source files for creative assets can be stored for future changes
Videos and images for marketing are readily available in many formats
PDFs or text files supported to meet legal compliance

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Shareable files

Collaborate with different teams over files.

  • Easily share files through the DAM, so you are sure everyone is looking at the same version.
  • Manage control accesses in the way that you need to properly collaborate with external services.

Auto-file linking with PIM

No more tedious linking files to products in your catalog.

Automatically link uploaded files to the products in your catalogs
Bulk uploads made easy with well-defined naming protocols

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