Digital Shelf Analytics

Unlock comprehensive e-commerce insights

The way your products appear online represents your brand and directly impacts your sales. Our Digital Shelf Analytics module enables you to monitor and optimize your online product presence, ensuring maximum visibility and performance.

Content Compliance

Ensure product cards are optimized across every retailer.

  • Automate the collection and monitoring of product cards within your retailer network
  • Quickly compare content on the product or retailer level against product data in your catalogue, spotting differences easily
  • Protect your brand by ensuring that published product data complies with your brand guidelines
  • Boost your sales by identifying the products and channels where product data is non-compliant

Ratings & Reviews

Protect your reputation and gain insights from buyer feedback.

Quickly see your online reputation on a product, retailer or category level
Be alerted when you need to quickly respond to a potentially negative situation
Improve conversion rates by identifying products that need more reviews or increased ratings
Deep dive into buyer feedback by compiling reviews from across the entire digital shelf into one central platform

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Search Analysis

Be found by people looking for your products or similar competitor products.

  • Know the visibility of each of your products on each retailer by seeing where you rank by keyword
  • Identify what you need to do to improve your product visibility
  • Strategize retailer by retailer to increase your ranking

Category Analysis

Get insights on product categories to

Understand your share of shelf in a category to know if you need to expand your SKUs in a retailer
Confirm that your products are found in the right categories
Know where your products rank on category pages, so shoppers can find you when browsing

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Pricing Analysis

Ensure that product pricing is in line with your brand and strategy.

Know if products in a specific retailer are being discounted
Identify the evolution of product prices through time

Competitor Insights

Understand the competitive landscape, so you can quickly adapt.

Gather information about the competing brands and products that you want to track
Compare your data points with those of competitors to help you be proactive and reactive

Inventory Tracking

Ensure that your products are always available.

Avoid lost potential revenue by ensuring that products are always available for purchase
Quickly see what products and which retailers are out of stock

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