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Feature Highlight : Autolinker

July 11, 2023
2 min read

In the fast-paced world of product information management, every second counts. To streamline workflows and empower your teams, PXM (Product Experience Management) platforms are constantly evolving with innovative features. 

Let’s explore how Brandquad’s Autolinker feature works, why it is helpful, and how it saves valuable time for workers.

What is the Autolinker?

Autolinker is an intelligent feature integrated into our PXM platform. It automatically establishes links between master data (products from the brand’s internal systems uploaded to our PIM) and the products scraped from retailer websites or apps.

The challenge arises because the IDs used by retailers on their websites don’t align with the brand’s SKUs, making it difficult to match the same product across various platforms and compare metrics. By analyzing product attributes or keywords, Autolinker identifies relevant information such as product names, characteristics, and related terms. It then creates manageable links between product cards in PIM and product cards on websites or apps.

Save time with Autolinker:

Autolinker dramatically reduces the time and effort required for teams to find corresponding products on retailer websites. Typically, manually matching a product with a retailer’s website takes around three minutes—a time-consuming task. However, Autolinker accomplishes this in a matter of seconds!

Match the right product with the right data using Autolinker:

Search for product matches in all retailers using product names or images.

Autolinker is a game-changer for Brandquad users, enabling them to link products within Brandquad’s platform. By automating this process, Autolinker improves navigation, enhances user experience, and ultimately saves valuable time for workers. It empowers users to work smarter and more efficiently in product management.

Embrace Autolinker and unlock a world of streamlined workflows, enhanced productivity, and improved metrics.

For more information, book a demo with one of our Digital Shelf experts and propel your brand to victory on the Digital Shelf.