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Feature Highlight – Multi-image comparison

March 09, 2023
2 min read

By displaying high-quality product images from different angles, you can positively influence customers’ purchasing decisions.

What is the Multi-Image Comparison feature and how can it help your ecommerce company in the Digital Shelf?

This feature is a new addition to our existing Content Compliance functionality of ECI, offering even more ways to enhance your product card. It allows all images in the product card, not just the main photo, to be compared with reference data found in our PIM system, regardless of their order. The comparison of multiple images can be used to evaluate the completeness of the product card for the end user.

Some use cases of our Multi-Image Comparison module:

  • Ensuring that company investments in creative production are well spent by presenting images effectively on the site
  • Including creatives in marketing campaigns to give consumers a comprehensive view of the product and encourage them to make a purchase
  • Meeting legal requirements for certain images to be included on the product card, to avoid fines
  • Updating images due to product rebranding, ensuring that all outdated images are removed
  • Updating product images for seasonal campaigns and ensuring that all product cards are updated accordingly

It is important to note that the Multi-Image Comparison feature plays a crucial role in providing a better user experience to your customers and influencing their purchasing decisions, as well as improving search engine rankings. 

If you want more detailed information about Brandquad’s Digital Shelf Analytics tools, book a demo and have a chat with one of our Digital Shelf experts.