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Feature Highlight – Prices

January 17, 2023
3 min read

Monitoring prices on the virtual shelf will allow you to quickly obtain information on product prices so that you could make effective decisions for developing a pricing policy taking into account your competitors.

Why is it important to follow Prices?

Monitoring prices is an essential part of running a successful ecommerce business. By keeping track of your own prices and those of your competitors, you can make informed decisions about your pricing strategy and ensure that you are consistently offering a competitive price.

This can help you attract customers, increase sales, and maximize your profits.

What is Brandquad Price feature?

Brandquad’s Price tool is a digital shelf analytics solution that allows you to track and analyse prices for a specific product or group of products across different ecommerce platforms.

With this tool, you can view and in-depth analysis of price data in the context of stores, brands, categories, and subcategories, as well as days of the analysed period.

What can you do with Brandquad’s Pricing analysis module?

Brandquad’s Pricing analysis module help you to :

  • Ensure that your product pricing is in line with your brand and strategy
  • Identify if products in a specific retailer are being discounted
  • Track the evolution of product prices over time
  • Compare products prices of various suppliers in the online store
  • Filter the data by hero products and analysing their actual prices
  • Find a product by its EAN identifier and analysing the changes of the actual price over time
  • Filter the data by product category and analysing actual product prices for a specific category

During time where inflation been and is hard for most of the countries, module like Prices help you to get the highlights and make the changes needed on time.

With this type of solution, you can use data and market research to understand the environment and make informed decisions about your pricing strategy.

Our digital shelf analytics solution includes daily reports on price changes or competitive pricing, and tools for adjusting and managing prices.

By following prices, you can identify opportunities to offer promotions or discounts, which can help you boost sales and gain an advantage over your competitors. Brandquad’s Promo module can be a complementary tool to our Price module. 

Overall, a digital shelf analytics solution like Brandquad’s Price tool can be a valuable resource for ecommerce businesses looking to track and analyse prices in order to stay competitive and maximise profits.

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