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Focus on Amazon Buy Box by Brandquad

February 16, 2023
3 min read

What is Amazon Buy Box and how to optimise your performance on Amazon?

Brands and sellers need to continuously monitor and optimise their performance on Amazon to ensure they win the Buy Box and maximise their sales.

Where you want to be VS where you don’t want to be

What is the Amazon Buy Box?

The Amazon Buy Box is a feature that enables customers to quickly and easily purchase a product on Amazon’s marketplace. It’s a crucial aspect of the buying journey on Amazon, as most customers will not bother to look for other sellers when purchasing a product. The Buy Box is the white box located on the product page that displays the product price, shipping cost, and seller rating, making it easier for shoppers to add a product to their cart or to proceed directly to checkout.

83% of all the purchases on Amazon happen from Buy Box

The Buy Box is a crucial component of Amazon’s platform as it generates the majority of Amazon’s product sales and it’s very competitive because only one seller at a time can win the Buy Box for a given product. Let’s make it be you!

How do you win the Buy Box?

Amazon’s algorithm takes into account several factors when deciding which seller should win the Buy Box.

To optimise your performance with Amazon Buy Box, it’s worth to consider the following strategies:

  • Price: Make sure to keep your prices competitive, as Amazon tends to favour the most price-competitive seller in the Buy Box.
  • Availability: Maintain a consistent level of inventory to avoid stockouts in order to win the Buy Box.
  • Shipping time: You should ensure a fast shipping option.
  • Customer services: Respond promptly to customer inquiries and provide excellent customer service to maintain a high seller rating.

Winning the Buy Box increases your brand visibility and sales on Amazon.

Brands and sellers need to continuously monitor and optimise their performance on Amazon to ensure they win the Buy Box and maximise their sales.

Optimise your amazon shop and win the Buy Box using Brandquad’s digital shelf analytics solution:

Amazon Buy Box functionality is part of Suppliers Monitoring module provided by Brandquad’s Ecommerce Intelligence platform (ECI).

You can collect data from different Amazon stores and the platform provides the flexibility to analyse you data by certain brands, categories or products based on the period you selected to analyse.

BQ functionality allows you to see who, when and why won the Buy Box, analyze performance throughout the period, understand better your main competitor-sellers.

Having access to all of those insights in one platform gives you advantages.

Winning the Amazon Buy Box can bring numerous benefits to your business :

Increased Sales: Winning the Buy Box can significantly increase a seller’s sales, as most Amazon customers will purchase a product from the Buy Box without searching for other options.

Better Visibility: Winning the Buy Box can also improve a seller’s visibility on Amazon shop

Better Customer Experience: Providing customers with the best possible buying experience can lead to increased customer satisfaction and improved customer reviews, which can have a positive impact on a seller’s business.

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